A CSSEdit AutoCompletion.plist of my own

I came across Andy Ford’s modified AutoCompletion.plist for MacRabbit’s CSSEdit today, and not being entirely convinced of all Andy’s modifications I decided to make my own.

The main differences are: I’ve moved the browser specific and CSS3 properties into their own sections, added a comment above each of those sections and removed the font-family values. Generally I add font stacks from an external source like code style’s font stack builder, so these font names make no sense to add, especially without spaces (that’s just asking for trouble)!

But thanks go to Andy for writing up the tip, it’s a handy addition to CSSEdit while we wait for MacRabbit to finish playing with Espresso and get around to updating CSSEdit.

Attached is a patch file with my modifications to the original AutoCompletion.plist.



No. 1 by Andy Ford
16th Dec, 2009 @ 19:25

@Adrian - Very cool! I’m glad some people are finding this hack useful and tweaking it to their liking. I’m looking forward to trying out your version. Cheers!

No. 2 by Adrian
17th Dec, 2009 @ 11:32

There’s not much to try out, it mostly takes away things you added :)

No. 3 by travis c
15th Sep, 2010 @ 18:14

If you like CSSEdit you should try Coda. Coda has a mode which is basically CSSEdit, it also includes cool features like a built in terminal, built in browser previews, built in SFTP and more…